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Q: When will my products be delivered?

A: Products are guaranteed to be delivered on the selected delivery date if the order is placed before 6pm on the same day. We will try our best to deliver the products within the selected time slot but it is not guaranteed in the unfortunate event of heavy traffic and severe weather condition.


Q: Can I make a request to deliver my product on a specific time?

A: These requests can be arranged (with or without extra charges depending on the time) by contacting us through Whatsapp or mobile although we cannot guarantee that the request will be fulfilled.


Q: How far is your delivery area coverage?
A: We provide flower delivery service to most major cities in Malaysia free of charge but an extra fee or minimum order amount is required for selected outskirts. If the recipient’s location is not located in our delivery area coverage, we will refund the money to our customers in full.


Q: What are the available time slots and order cut off time for each of it?


Time Slot

Order cut off time


9am – 12pm



12pm – 6pm



6pm – 12am




Q: How do I know if my products are delivered?

A: A picture of delivery order will be sent upon request.


Q: Why is my product failed to be delivered”?

A: We do not hold any responsibility for any failed attempts of delivery due to incorrect information given by sender, recipient not being able to accept the products during the selected time slot or any other problems beyond our control. Please contact us to make arrangement for re-delivery (charges may apply).


Q: How long can the flowers to be kept for?

A: Fresh flowers usually last from 3 days to weeks, highly depends on the environment, weather and maintenance or care from the recipient while artificial flowers can last for years with minimal care.


Q: Do you have a retail store available for walk-in customers?

A: Yes, KL/Selangor customers can walk-in to our retail store locating at 23, Jalan BPU 6, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Selangor. As for other states, we are sorry to inform that we only offer delivery services for online orders.


Q: Do you have any ready-made products for walk-in customers?

A: We prepare all our fresh flower products only after an order is made, except for artificial flower arrangement.


Q: Why does the actual product looks different from the pictures?

A: We will always try our best to arrange our products exactly like the pictures, but we will not be able to guarantee it in the event of limited stock of flowers from our supplier. In this case, we will replace them with the same value of flowers and so it will look slightly different from the pictures. We encourage customer to place an order day(s) before the delivery date to increase the chance of securing the same flowers used in the pictures.

Q: Can you customize my preferred flower design with a given budget?

A: Yes, we can do any customizations for our customers but please understand that we will not be able to fully replicate the same flower design especially if the given budget is lower than the actual price of product as there will be less flowers used with the given budget. Please contact us for more information.


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: No, we do not accept any cancellations.


Q: Can I return the products and get a refund?

A: No, most of our products are fresh flowers which are perishable goods, so products delivered are not refundable.