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Red Blossom (Artificial)
RM 388.00 Ex Tax: RM 388.00

"Red Blossom" consists of Peony, Cherry Blossom and mandarin with leaves on a vase.Flowers and any o..

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Revelry (Non-Halal)
RM 199.00 Ex Tax: RM 199.00

"Revelry" consists of Rose, Gerbera, Lily and Matiola with fillers and leaves on a basket.Flowers an..

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Spring Abloom
RM 359.00 Ex Tax: RM 359.00

"Spring Abloom" consists of Rose, Eustoma, Matiola, Orchid and Lily with fillers and leaves on a bas..

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Sweet Pink
RM 179.00 Ex Tax: RM 179.00

"Sweet Pink" consists of Gerbera with fillers, leaves and premium fruits (e.g. grapes) on a basket.F..

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